Warschauer starter for Maddie


By AmiPolizeiFunk, on 30 Mar 2021, last updated 09 May 2024

Image illustrating build

This is a starter build for the area around Warschauer Str., to get ready for today's Paradox Stream (3pm CEST on Twitch), and also to get ready for Luminou's Mercedes Benz Arena!

IMPORTANT! This build uses vanilla assets from both the vanilla "North American" set and the "European" set. To enable both sets at once, you need to do so in the CONTENT MANAGER under STYLES and enable "European / Vanilla"

Ami's Berlin Restore
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Small (2.164068 km²)
Inclined (44.65892 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image37
Prop image25
Tree image0
Segment image168
Required DLC
After Dark, Green Cities, Mass Transit
Required Mods
Network Extensions 2
Base Game and DLC
  • Basic Road (46 uses)
  • Oneway Road (27 uses)
  • Medium Road Decoration Grass (13 uses)
  • Zonable Pedestrian Pavement Tiny (12 uses)
  • Pedestrian Pavement (8 uses)
  • PlainStreet2L (7 uses)
  • eco_residential_high03_4x3level5 (4 uses)
  • BasicRoadTL (4 uses)
  • H3 2x2 Office16 (3 uses)
  • Billboard_critter_anim (2 uses)
  • Basic Road Bicycle (2 uses)
  • H5 4x4 Highrise08 (1 use)
  • Two Lane Highway (1 use)
  • Large Road (1 use)
  • AsymAvenueL2R4 (1 use)
Required Workshop Assets
Concrete Tile Pavement A & A2
By Avatar AquilaSol
  • 2266089177.AQS Concrete Tile Pavement A 4m_Data (12 uses)
  • 2266089177.AQS Concrete Tile Pavement A 8m_Data (6 uses)
  • 2266089177.AQS Concrete Tile Pavement A 16m_Data (3 uses)
BTB Peachtree Shops
By Avatar BachToBaroque
  • 1282705095.BTB Peachtree Shop 3_Data (10 uses)
  • 1282705095.BTB Peachtree Shop 5_Data (8 uses)
The Berlin Wall
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar Badi_Dea
  • 2102801230.Berlin Wall 1_Data (15 uses)
Suburban Street Alternate (no planting strip)
By Avatar Urbanist
  • 1253042356.Two-Lane Suburban Street Alt_Data (11 uses)
Parking Lot Street
By Avatar Maximilian
  • 1223716841.Parking Lot Street_Data (9 uses)
Stone quay - Plain fenced
By Avatar Avanya
  • 1397255830.Stone quay fenced - Plain_Data (8 uses)
European W2W Pack
By Avatar Aitortilla01
  • 2100716389.AIT01_W2W3_Data (4 uses)
Steel Wall Quay
By Avatar BadPeanut
  • 1345362908.Steel Wall Quay_Data (2 uses)
Medium Parking Garage / Multi-storey Car Park
By Avatar GCVos
  • 504193884.Medium Parking Garage_Data (2 uses)
By Avatar SvenBerlin Avatar Yosh
  • 2089508502.AlexOffices_Data (2 uses)
Metro Market Dresden
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 1345937556.Metro Market Dresden_Data (2 uses)
Mercedes rotating sign
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 1127059695.Mercedes rotating sign _Data (1 use)
Glass and Steel Awnings Prop Pack
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1363355065.Awning4 Post Vertical_Data (1 use)
Luxurious Flat [RICO]
By Avatar luminou
  • 2215736279.Medellin 200830_Data (1 use)
Industrial quay
By Avatar Avanya
  • 1368497307.Industrial quay with tires_Data (1 use)
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