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How we were built

We created this before others did, but it was meant to be.

We're a bunch of data nerds from the 80's. It was all about fitting the pieces, but the Community is clearly heading towards build sharing, sooner or later.

As we ventured into creating a new app for this database and concept, we could have written a few books over Cities: Skylines modding and its future future; The CS community, sharing of skills, and talent promotion. We're still learning everyday and those books would probably end up burned, but we do this with passion. ;-)

allbuilds.org founders

Ami, Seb and DX

AmiPolizeiFunk    Content manager,  Berlin map and builds

Deeheks     XML parsing,  Website frontend and branding

Seb     CS BuildBase,  Lead programmer and website backend

Quboid     Move It developer, Advisor

AquilaSol     Community manager and branding


About the BuildBase parser
Although tested thoroughly, our Move It exports parsing processing and sharing is still very young and we'll need to adjust a few gear ratios here and there before it runs smooth as a CAT. Be patient and cooperative and we can make it all even better!

Stay tuned as we're progressing towards this together as a community

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