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Sharing builds

Builds are Exported and Imported using Cities: Skylines Move It! mod.

Builds will return to their exact position if you import via the Restore feature. 

The beauty of sharing move-it .xml export files is that they are

generally not mod dependent, nor are they savegame dependent!

Certain mods customize assets in the game. Some are listed by uploaders on the build page,

while others are auto-detected by our parser.

These mods retain their customizations:
Traffic Manager (TMPE) | Node Controller (NC) | Intersection Marking Tool (IMTNetwork Skins (NS)*

These mods lose customizations (they are not yet supported):
Procedural Objects (PO) colors (buildings and props)

Feel free to encourage modders to support new Move It integration!

Read the Move It User Guide by Quboid

Launch event

AmiPolizeiFunk, who happens to be one of our Founders,
 is rolling out accurate maps of Berlin, with detailed HQ overlays.

Use one of these new maps to take part in the

  Global Build-off: Berlin Edition     

Sponsored by:

Stadtmuseum Berlin  

Paradox Interactive  

Razer, Inc.  

March 13th to April 30th, 2021
Total Prize Pool: 3,000€ plus hardware from Razer!