Südkreuz trees


By AmiPolizeiFunk, on 01 Nov 2022, last updated 27 Apr 2024

Image illustrating build

Some manual tree work around the intersection at Südkreuz. Sampled trees from the area, made a forest brush, then did some fine adjustments. Needs some ground work with grass and weeds and such.

Ami's Berlin Restore
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Extra-Small (0.773653 km²)
Gentle (15.4375 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image0
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Tree image1,330
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Required DLC
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Base Game and DLC
  • mp9-YoungLinden (69 uses)
Required Workshop Assets
Weeping Silver Birch
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 765126845.Weeping Silver Birch_Data (210 uses)
Linden Trees
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 1501682221.Linden Tree_Data (103 uses)
  • 1501682221.Linden Tree Young_Data (51 uses)
Bigleaf Linden Set
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2402946167.Bigleaf Linden_Data (85 uses)
  • 2402946167.Bigleaf Linden Young_Data (44 uses)
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 886931347.LeafyBush_Data (106 uses)
Norway Spruce 2
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 1515191700.Norway Spruce 2_Data (86 uses)
Sugar Maple Fall Set
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 793658461.Sugar Maple_Data (70 uses)
Italian Cypress
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2064135691.Cypress by pdelmo_Data (69 uses)
Norway Maple
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 2275009748.Norway Maple_Data (45 uses)
Live Oak Tree
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 704607028.Live Oak Tree_Data (42 uses)
Hornbeam Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2285574776.pd Hornbeam Tree 3_Data (41 uses)
London Planetree 2
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 1711737341.London Planetree Young_Data (35 uses)
  • 1711737341.London Planetree 2_Data (5 uses)
Hazel Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2278667930.Hazel Large Bush _Data (39 uses)
White Birch Tree
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 451041644.White Birch Tree_Data (28 uses)
Regular bushes
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 953004016.Large regular bush green_Data (28 uses)
Legacy Fall Trees Pack
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 794163923.Silver Birch Fall_Data (26 uses)
EverGreen Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2097856853.PD Large EverGreen 2_Data (9 uses)
  • 2097856853.PD Large EverGreen_Data (7 uses)
  • 2097856853.PD Large EverGreen 3_Data (5 uses)
Silver Birch 2
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 1774634417.Silver Birch 2_Data (21 uses)
Japanese Maple Set
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 2774094286.Japaneses Maple Red_Data (21 uses)
Weeping Silver Birch 2
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2462542609.Weeping Silver Birch 2_Data (20 uses)
Crimson King
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2281793874.Crimson King_Data (19 uses)
Street Plane Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2079011018.Plane Street Tree Large_Data (15 uses)
London Planetree
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 664488801.London Planetree_Data (10 uses)
Weeping Willow 3
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 890859028.Weeping Willow 3_Data (7 uses)
White Willow
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 916605753.White Willow_Data (4 uses)
  • 916605753.White Willow Large_Data (1 use)
Poplar tree
By Avatar Ston3D
  • 663045463.Poplar_Data (4 uses)
Cherry Blossom
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 898719053.Cherry Blossom_Data (2 uses)
Common Tree Set
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2063748164.CommonTree2 Conical Flame_Data (1 use)
Summer Tree #8 (by Breeze)
By Avatar Breeze
  • 534316241.Summer Tree #8 (by Breeze)_Data (1 use)
Generic Tree pack
By Avatar Lost Gecko
  • 931378862.Generic Tree Full Large_Data (1 use)
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