Soviet Memorial Tiergarten


By AmiPolizeiFunk, on 04 Mar 2021, last updated 16 Apr 2024

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Entire build of the Soviet Memorial, including all buildings, props, and trees.
Ami's Berlin Restore
AmiPolizeiFunk, Berlin
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Extra-Small (0.026243 km²)
Gentle (20.15625 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image3
Prop image508
Tree image132
Segment image12
Required DLC
Required Mods
Network Extensions 2
Base Game and DLC
  • StreetLamp02 (15 uses)
  • Pedestrian Gravel (6 uses)
  • Zonable Pedestrian Gravel Tiny (3 uses)
Required Workshop Assets
Box Shaped Trees
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 1505670767.R69 Box Shaped Tree 4 x 8_Data (147 uses)
Hedge Yew Prop Pack
By Avatar Lost Gecko
  • 894538077.Hedge Yew 1 M 8m_Data (78 uses)
  • 894538077.Hedge yew 1 M 16m_Data (10 uses)
Big Decal Leaves
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 875912707.R69 Big Decal S Leaves Edge_Data (72 uses)
Generic Tree pack
By Avatar Lost Gecko
  • 931378862.Generic Tree Large 1_Data (52 uses)
  • 931378862.Generic Tree Full Large_Data (5 uses)
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 886931347.LeafyBush_Data (34 uses)
Curb Props 2
By Avatar KingLeno
  • 843261837.Curb Planter Medium_Data (28 uses)
Concrete Tiles 01 Pack
By Avatar Beardmonkey
  • 1087961102.Concrete Tiles 01 - 4x4m_Data (21 uses)
  • 1087961102.Concrete Tiles 01 - 8x8m_Data (6 uses)
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 1505669672.hedge2d (11 uses)
  • 1505669672.hedge2a (11 uses)
  • 1505669672.hedge2b (3 uses)
  • 1505669672.hedge2c (1 use)
Improved Hedges
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 1303710448.Hedge Tall 3 N_Data (26 uses)
Small Decal Drains
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 888228544.R69 Small Decal Drain 2_Data (22 uses)
Palisade Fence 2
By Avatar rik4000
  • 696119526.Palisade Fence 2_Data (19 uses)
Summer Tree #1 (by Breeze)
By Avatar Breeze
  • 449011480.Summer Tree #1 (by Breeze)_Data (18 uses)
Soldyne's Iron Fence
By Avatar soldyne
  • 443401217.Soldyne's Iron Fence_Data (13 uses)
Horse Chestnut
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2146332108.Horse Chestnut Medium_Data (7 uses)
Linden Trees
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 1501682221.Linden Tree_Data (7 uses)
Friedrichs Bridge Obelisk Prop Pack
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1286667896.Globelamp frame_Data (6 uses)
Stone Bollards Prop Pack
By Avatar Lost Gecko
  • 852704772.Cubic Stone Bollard_Data (4 uses)
Old French Bollard [Versailles]
By Avatar Gèze
  • 1487771995.Old French Bollard_Data (4 uses)
Fountain Light Set
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1890038578.f-white-light_Data (3 uses)
Ploppable Asphalt
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 1258123334.R69 Ploppable Asphalt Square32_Data (3 uses)
Soldyne's Iron Gate
By Avatar soldyne
  • 443401260.Soldyne's Iron Gate_Data (3 uses)
Pine Tree
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 1646568214.Pine Tree_Data (3 uses)
Tree Privet
By Avatar BenTracker
  • 849060007.Tree Privet_Data (3 uses)
Wall Lanterns pack (2017 updated)
By Avatar targa
  • 786138281.Wall Lantern Type-03_Data (2 uses)
White Birch Tree
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 451041644.White Birch Tree_Data (2 uses)
Black Iron Fence - Non conforming
By Avatar Avanya
  • 1544520488.Black Iron Fence 1 - non conform_Data (2 uses)
Green Ginkgo Tree
By Avatar Leo Mystic Magic
  • 424329918.Green Ginkgo Tree_Data (1 use)
Parking Lot Street
By Avatar Maximilian
  • 1223716841.Parking Lot Street_Data (1 use)
Power Transformer (Power Plant)
By Avatar XombieDark
  • 610202839.Power Transformer_Data (1 use)
SMT Monument
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1629472853.SMT Monument_Data (1 use)
SMT Museum
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1629264255.SMT Back House_Data (1 use)
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