Shipyard crane

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By Teddy Radko, on 16 Aug 2021, last updated 20 Jul 2023

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This export is based on large shipyard gantry cranes like the Kockums crane that used to BE the skyline of Malmö, Sweden, before it got shipped away to South Korea.

You need the MASS TRANSIT DLC for the monorail tracks (of which it is mainly built) and the cable car wires which make up the lifting part of the crane. You also need SNOWFALL DLC for the decals I used to "paint" the structure. Without the decals the crane will have the same color as the regular monorail tracks (white) but with the decals and the PROP PAINTER MOD you'll be able to recolor the decals to whatever color you like. To do this, use the MOVEIT MOD marque select with decal only filter and then recolor all decals at the same time. To get the crane looking correct you will also need the NODE CONTROLLER MOD enabled.

When you place this (and other custom monorail based stuff) you may get alot of pillars spawning at the many different nodes of this bridge. Use MOVEIT MOD to remove these (they are categorized as buildings). See the picture for reference. If the pillars re-appear on the next load, use MOVEIT MOD to move them away and hide them somewhere instead of deleting them.

Place it along drydocks or in your shipyards for best effect. I usually place it on simple monorail rails which it can back and forth along (in my imagination). I would recommend to increase the ULTIMATE LEVEL OF DETAIL MOD distance for decals so that the color is visible from further away.

That's all for now, have fun!

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Extra-Small (0.001224 km²)
Inclined (53.310135 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image0
Prop image199
Tree image0
Segment image15
Required DLC
Mass Transit, Snow Fall
Required Mods
Node Controller original (Kian Zarrin)
Base Game and DLC
  • Snow Decal (182 uses)
  • Monorail Oneway Track (10 uses)
  • shopping_cart_shelter (6 uses)
  • Cable reel 01 (4 uses)
  • Monorail Track (3 uses)
  • Concrete support (2 uses)
  • Flood Light Wall White (2 uses)
  • Light Pole Red (2 uses)
  • CableCar Path (2 uses)
  • Cargo container (1 use)
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