Schillingstraße Buildings

ABR- Schillingstraße.xml

By Mbryo, on 10 May 2023, last updated 16 Apr 2024

Image illustrating build

Here are the buildings I have placed in the Schllingstraße for my Berlin Build - to use this file you need the mod Move-It
step by step guide
1 - Open the game - select any building/road/prop with move it - then click on export selection - this will atomatically generate the required move it export folder- close the game
2 - Locate the folder - C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\MoveItExports
3 - Place the downloaded xml file into this folder
4 - Restart the game - note if you have already subscribed to all items in the list you can do this while the game is still running - only restart the game if you need to subscribe to new assets for that xml file
5 - click on Import selection
6 - you should now see a window showing all xml files in your move it export folder - click on restore - to restore tha buildings in exact same position

hopefully everything in in place and working, if not please contact through the Discord server for help and assistance.
cheers and thanks to AmiPolizeifunk for his help.

Ami's Berlin Restore
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Extra-Small (0.304874 km²)
Gentle (1.843508 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image52
Prop image0
Tree image0
Segment image0
Required DLC
Required Mods
Base Game and DLC
  • Child Health Center 01 (1 use)
  • RCI 1 brick (1 use)
  • medicalclinicEU (1 use)
  • H2_officebuilding04EU_4x4 (1 use)
  • 1x1_cafe (1 use)
  • Sauna (1 use)
  • Basketball Court (1 use)
  • dog-park-fence (1 use)
Required Workshop Assets
Plattenbau Berlin QP59/61/64
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2449372299.BER QP59-10_4 No.1_Data (4 uses)
  • 2449372299.BER QP61-8_3 No.1_Data (4 uses)
  • 2449372299.BER QP64-10_4 No.1_Data (1 use)
  • 2449372299.BER QP64-10_4 No.2_Data (1 use)
  • 2449372299.BER QP61-10_4 No.1_Data (1 use)
  • 2449372299.BER QP59-10_4 No.3_Data (1 use)
  • 2449372299.BER QP64-10_4 No.3_Data (1 use)
  • 2449372299.BER QP59-8_3 No.1_Data (1 use)
50s Soviet "Lighthouse" Tower [RICO]
By Avatar kowkamurka
  • 721548945.M 50s tow Lighthouse 3 lev RICO_Data (7 uses)
Plattenbau IW84 P-Halle No.1-2
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2399903900.HAL IW84 P-Halle Skt2 3ET No.1_Data (3 uses)
  • 2399903900.HAL IW84 P-Halle Skt2 3EW No.2_Data (3 uses)
Plattenbau Berlin QP71-10 No.1
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2441624043.BER QP71 A103 No.1_Data (4 uses)
  • 2441624043.BER QP71 A104 No.1_Data (1 use)
50s Soviet Tenement [RICO]
By Avatar kowkamurka
  • 721544866.M 50s ten x2 3 lev RICO_Data (2 uses)
Plattenbau KK-KG 72-144 No.1
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2383932395.HAL VSE KK-KG 72-144 No.1_Data (2 uses)
Parking Lot
By Avatar Baldarek
  • 1209715218.Parking Lot_Data (2 uses)
Komplex Holzmarktstraße
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1437118638.Komplex Holzmarktstraße_Data (1 use)
Football field [Re-Upload] {AD}
By Avatar N v K
  • 723621546.Football field_Data (1 use)
Plattenbau 4POS TS69 Erfurt No.1
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2681537089.ERF 4POS TS69 No.1_Data (1 use)
Netto [LDC Lvl 1]
By Avatar Khopa
  • 432112758.Netto Supermarket (Growable)_Data (1 use)
Edeka Supermarket
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 506792116.Edeka Supermarket_Data (1 use)
H3 Leipzig cornered Tenement
By Avatar jens
  • 446190120.H3 Leipzig cornered Tenement_Data (1 use)
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