Plattenbau BER VSE KK-KG 80-180 No.1 | backyard


By MeisterMonis, on 25 Nov 2022, last updated 09 May 2024

Image illustrating build

This is the kindergarten plus a fitting backyard and playground for the kids. You can see this exact backyard used in my workshop screenshots for the kindergarten itself.
Make sure to read the description of the included building, there is a dependency!

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Extra-Small (0.004638 km²)
Flat (0.0768 m)
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Unique Workshop Assets
Building image4
Prop image59
Tree image243
Segment image6
Required DLC
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Base Game and DLC
  • Tiles (14 uses)
  • Pedestrian Pavement (6 uses)
Required Workshop Assets
Wild Hedges
By Avatar Macwelshman Avatar MrMaison Avatar PugGaming
  • 1674518352.Wild Hedge Small D_Data (218 uses)
DDR decor-fence No.1-2 colorable
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2749882826.DDR decor-fence-2x No.2c_Data (29 uses)
  • 2749882826.DDR decor-fence-1x No.2c_Data (2 uses)
  • 2749882826.DDR decor-pillar No.1c_Data (1 use)
Detail Shrubs
By Avatar abbator
  • 2809700435.Detail Shrub 06 Cluster_Data (8 uses)
  • 2809700435.Detail Shrub Cluster 03_Data (3 uses)
  • 2809700435.Detail Shrub Cluster 01_Data (1 use)
Bench "Type-4" (Wood)
By Avatar targa
  • 721750518.[tga] Bench "Type-4" (Wood)_Data (6 uses)
Common Tree Set
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2063748164.CommonTree2 Conical Flame_Data (4 uses)
  • 2063748164.CommonTree3 Sprawl_Data (1 use)
EverGreen Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2097856853.PD Large EverGreen 2_Data (1 use)
  • 2097856853.PD Large EverGreen 3_Data (1 use)
Horse Chestnut
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2146332108.Horse Chestnut Spring_Data (1 use)
  • 2146332108.Horse Chestnut Medium_Data (1 use)
Linden Trees
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 1501682221.Linden Tree Young_Data (2 uses)
Brush 2x2 Gravel
By Avatar RWB Fx.
  • 416108293.Brush 2x2 Gravel_Data (2 uses)
Carousel Type-1
By Avatar targa
  • 1181079563.[tga] Carousel Type-1_Data (2 uses)
Hazel Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2278667930.Hazel Large Bush _Data (1 use)
Hornbeam Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2285574776.pd Hornbeam Tree 3_Data (1 use)
Monkey Bars "Fish"
By Avatar targa
  • 721908298.[tga] Monkey Bars "Fish"_Data (1 use)
Monkey Bars "Long Wave"
By Avatar targa
  • 721924119.[tga] Monkey Bars "Long Wave"_Data (1 use)
Brush 2x2 Concrete
By Avatar RWB Fx.
  • 416107948.Brush 2x2 Concrete_Data (1 use)
Plattenbau Berlin KK-KG 80-180 No.1-2
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2893065075.BER VSE KK-KG 80-180 No.1_Data (1 use)
Radial Bars "MM-11"
By Avatar targa
  • 722011164.[tga] Outside Radial Bars MM-11_Data (1 use)
Сhildrens Slide "Elephant"
By Avatar targa
  • 721797860.[tga] Сhildrens Slide "Elephant"_Data (1 use)
Maze #2
By Avatar targa
  • 721868609.[tga] Outside Maze #2_Data (1 use)
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Monis Kita at Fennpfuhl Berlin

By AmiPolizeiFunk
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