Plattenbau ABG-WBS81-6 No.1 | Arrangement No.1


By MeisterMonis, on 24 Sep 2021, last updated 27 Apr 2024

Image illustrating build

This export is based of a Plattenbau arrangement found at "An der Glashütte, Altenburg" in Germany.
5 included blocks are exactly remodeled after their original counterparts found there. The sixth building, which is at an angle, is fictional in that place.
Part of this export are also trees, bushes and street lights at their exact position.

One important thing to note is that you need Surface Painter to get rid of the concrete pavement around the blocks, especially in the courtyard.
Also make sure to read the descriptions of the included buildings, there is a dependency!

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Extra-Small (0.023315 km²)
Gentle (3.05764 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image7
Prop image11
Tree image229
Segment image53
Required DLC
Required Mods
Required Workshop Assets
lawn tufts cluster low poly
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 944347056.lawn tufts _Data (112 uses)
Fluffy Grass
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 1681190031.Fluffy Grass Short_Data (35 uses)
  • 1681190031.Fluffy Grass_Data (27 uses)
  • 1681190031.Fluffy Grass Dry Short_Data (7 uses)
  • 1681190031.Fluffy Grass Dry_Data (6 uses)
Concrete Pedestrian Path Set
By Avatar 네인 | neinnew
  • 2040732427.nn4 Concrete Pedestrian Path 4m Elevated (26 uses)
  • 2040732427.nn4 Concrete Pedestrian Path 2m Elevated (17 uses)
  • 2040732427.nn4 Concrete Pedestrian Path 1m Elevated0 (10 uses)
Regular bushes
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 953004016.Regular bush green _Data (35 uses)
Plattenbau WBS81-6 No.1
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2609998987.ABG WBS81-14.4m-6 4E No.1_3_Data (1 use)
  • 2609998987.ABG WBS81-14.4m-6 4E No.1_2_Data (1 use)
  • 2609998987.ABG WBS81-14.4m-6 4E No.1_1_Data (1 use)
  • 2609998987.ABG WBS81-14.4m-6 4E No.1_Data (1 use)
  • 2609998987.ABG WBS81-18m-6 3E-GLL No.1_Data (1 use)
  • 2609998987.ABG WBS81-12m-6 4E No.1_Data (1 use)
  • 2609998987.ABG WBS81-18m-6 3E-GLL No.1_1_Data (1 use)
DDR street light RSL1 No.1
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2602505915.DDR street Light RSL1-5m No1_Data (7 uses)
Hazel Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2278667930.Hazel Bush Small _Data (3 uses)
  • 2278667930.Hazel Large Bush _Data (2 uses)
Big Decal Dirt
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 767694644.R69 Big Decal Dirt_Data (4 uses)
EverGreen Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2097856853.PD Large EverGreen 3_Data (1 use)
Bigleaf Linden Set
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2402946167.Bigleaf Linden Young_Data (1 use)
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