Gustavo Haus minibuild


By AmiPolizeiFunk, on 21 Jan 2023, last updated 16 Apr 2024

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This build can be restored into any of my 2021 Berlin maps, or imported and plopped directly into your city! It has a small garden in the front yard inspired by AquilaSol's "Allotments" build, some parking in the front inspired by TeddyRadko's IMT technique, and lots of nice MrMaison trees, including his new Serviceberry tree-as-prop elevated in SvenBerlin's oversized planter pots. It's a big taste of Berlin!

fyi there are some actual car props on top of the IMT parking spaces that may need to be un-doubled if they happen to spawn on top of the IMT car props.

Ami's Berlin Restore
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Extra-Small (0.012246 km²)
Steep (67.21875 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image2
Prop image258
Tree image129
Segment image11
Required DLC
Required Mods
Intersection Marking Tool
Base Game and DLC
  • Small Pedestrian Street 01 Decal (42 uses)
  • Bicycle Child Prop_Data (6 uses)
  • Small Road with Wide Sidewalks (4 uses)
  • industrial_fence (3 uses)
  • Apple Tree 01 (3 uses)
  • Green Tree 01 (2 uses)
  • Recycling Container 02 (1 use)
  • Recycling Container 04 (1 use)
  • Nature Reserve Sign 01 (1 use)
  • Park Trashbin 02 (1 use)
Required Workshop Assets
Fluffy Grass
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 1681190031.Fluffy Grass Short_Data (46 uses)
Gunnera Plant Pack
By Avatar Beardmonkey
  • 1288465175.Gunnera Plant Small_Data (15 uses)
  • 1288465175.Gunnera Plant Big_Data (12 uses)
Concrete Tile Pavement A & A2
By Avatar AquilaSol
  • 2266089177.AQS Concrete Tile Pavement A2 16_Data (14 uses)
  • 2266089177.AQS Concrete Tile Pavement A2 8m_Data (7 uses)
  • 2266089177.AQS Concrete Tile Pavement A2 4m_Data (4 uses)
MCH - Wide Leaf Plants
By Avatar Shannanigan
  • 1295471939.MCH - Dumbcane Plant_Data (12 uses)
  • 1295471939.MCH - Croton Plant_Data (8 uses)
Garden Bushes by pdelmo VERY LOW TRI
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 903671853.Garden Bush Prop_Data (18 uses)
  • 903671853.Garden Bush red_Data (2 uses)
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 1343983364.R69 Bicycle Prop 1 B_Data (8 uses)
  • 1343983364.R69 Bicycle Prop 2 A_Data (6 uses)
  • 1343983364.R69 Bicycle Prop 1 A_Data (3 uses)
Fall leaves decals
By Avatar Avanya
  • 931602935.Fall leaves decal 3_Data (14 uses)
  • 931602935.Fall leaves decal 4_Data (3 uses)
Hedge Prop.
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 1297620715.Hedge 3d Conforming _Data (15 uses)
Mulch Props
By Avatar KingLeno
  • 940026900.mulch large decal-1_Data (13 uses)
Planters & Curbs
By Avatar Tomas Avatar agusingnavy Avatar agusingnavy
  • 1179245434.Curb 3m Non-conforming_Data (11 uses)
Camellia Shrubs
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 1733788534.Camellia Shrub Peach_Data (6 uses)
  • 1733788534.Camellia Shrub Red_Data (4 uses)
Warsaw Bollards
By Avatar Pablo Brickasso
  • 2513962745.Bollard Mermaid h120a_Data (10 uses)
Bigleaf Linden Set
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2402946167.Bigleaf Linden_Data (7 uses)
Big Decal Road Wear
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 883492302.R69 Big Decal Road Wear 2_Data (7 uses)
Road Decorations - Pack #01
By Avatar Clus Avatar clus
  • 2883736067.wooden Planter Box - v1 - #01_Data (7 uses)
Modern and Simple Bike Stands
By Avatar Ionwind
  • 2320681892.Bike Stand 04_Data (6 uses)
◤◢◤ Old Asset ◢◤◢
  • 1913101892.Guard Pipe 4B_Data (6 uses)
Yellow Daffodils
By Avatar Smilies
  • 1926403743.Daffodil_Data (5 uses)
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 974559467.Medium_Conifer_green_Data (4 uses)
6 planters with colourmap
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 2814367240.flowerpot planter 1,86x2m_Data (4 uses)
Serviceberry Tree Set
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2646762432.Serviceberry Tree Bloom Prop_Data (4 uses)
Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 AMG
By Avatar PALiX
  • 915036114.Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 AMG (2) Prop_Data (4 uses)
Horse Chestnut
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2146332108.Horse Chestnut Large_Data (3 uses)
rubbish container BSR
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 506284471.rubbish container BSR_Data (3 uses)
Linden Trees
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 1501682221.Linden Tree_Data (3 uses)
Azalea Bushes
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 2030675843.Azalea Bush White_Data (3 uses)
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 1505669672.R69 Hedge 1.5 x 3.8 Net_Data (2 uses)
Rowan Tree
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2367606133.Rowan_Data (2 uses)
Fruits - Apple tree
By Avatar Ston3D
  • 644780908.Fruits - Apple tree_Data (2 uses)
Parking Lot Street
By Avatar Maximilian
  • 1223716841.Parking Lot Street_Data (2 uses)
Canada Red Cherry Tree
By Avatar Smilies
  • 1917483612.Canada Red Cherry_Data (2 uses)
Football/Soccer Asset Pack
By Avatar DeCzaah
  • 953225782.Football Soccer Floodlight_Data (2 uses)
Mixed Plant Clusters
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 910420335. Wild Small Bushes_Data (2 uses)
Satellite Dish Pack
By Avatar Beardmonkey
  • 1274372719.Satellite Dish 05_Data (2 uses)
Rooftop Cell Tower
By Avatar Ryuichi Kaminogi
  • 2012189809.Rooftop Cell Tower 1_Data (1 use)
  • 2012189809.Rooftop Cell Tower 2_Data (1 use)
Long ladder w platform
By Avatar Avanya
  • 658069507.Long ladder w platform_Data (2 uses)
Jaguar I-Pace HSE [EV]
By Avatar Ma7heus
  • 1844509960.Jaguar I-Pace HSE Prop_Data (2 uses)
Lawn PacK- Dead, Vibrant Green and Rich green
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 902947770.Green Lawn _Data (2 uses)
2 Lane Bike TwoWay
By Avatar neocromicon
  • 2408614919.2l Bike TwoWay_Data (2 uses)
Common Tree Set
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2063748164.CommonTree4 Oviform_Data (1 use)
Sugar Maple Fall Set
By Avatar MrMaison
  • 793658461.Sugar Maple_Data (1 use)
Street Plane Trees
By Avatar pdelmo
  • 2079011018.Plane Street Tree Large_Data (1 use)
BSR trash bins pack
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 2208889175.BSR trash bin blank_Data (1 use)
Parking Barriers
By Avatar Spence!
  • 902995528.Parking Barrier 2 (Open)_Data (1 use)
light weight packaging container
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 506283007.light weight packaging container_Data (1 use)
paper recycling container
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 506283207.ligpaper recycling container_Data (1 use)
Crimson King
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2281793874.Crimson King_Data (1 use)
DDR street light RSL1 No.1
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2602505915.DDR street Light RSL1-5m-new No1_Data (1 use)
Tiny 2-Lane Two-Way Road without Parking
By Avatar Delta 5-1
  • 2392987553.1u Two-Lane Two-Way Road NP_Data (1 use)
By Avatar NatanekGaming
  • 489194471.Parking4x1_Data (1 use)
Gustavo Haus
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 2921443617.Gustavo Haus_Data (1 use)
Deutsche Post - Vehicle
By Avatar Gruny
  • 1554020813.Deutsche Post vehicle Prop_Data (1 use)
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