Friedrichstadtpalast minibuild


By AmiPolizeiFunk, on 22 Apr 2024, last updated 27 Apr 2024

Image illustrating build

This is a minibuild of SvenBerlin's wonderful new Friedrichstadtpalast, including all of his additional props and lights in intended positions. You can "Import" it and use it as a template to figure out the pieces of the puzzle, or "Restore" it directly into one of my Berlin maps. I've also added some extra stuff like bollards, lights, decals, and the batch of Crimson King Maple trees and planters.

Notable parts of the build:
Sven's 4 custom lights in good locations, lighting up the monuments (ground lights) and flagpoles (elevated light).
Many "park" seats; the one long one by "Quatsch" comedy club, and many of the small cubes. These need road access, so you should connect them somehow!
Lots of the new ashtray props by doorways and seats
Some extra roof lighting

As the terrain is not flat in this block in Berlin, things are at strange heights to fit into the terrain. You may need to manually adjust the heights. I suggest MoveIt! "Import" WITHOUT terrain-following selected to see my intended heights, then adjust them to your build as necessary. At least then you will have stuff like the flagpole+flagpole-light correctly oriented to each other.

GLHF! And be sure to give SvenBerlin upvotes on Steam!

Ami's Berlin Restore
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Extra-Small (0.012696 km²)
Inclined (31.921875 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image17
Prop image154
Tree image14
Segment image0
Required DLC
Required Mods
Base Game and DLC
  • Flood Light Floor White (9 uses)
Required Workshop Assets
Friedrichstadtpalast prop pack 1
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 3228575104.spotlight ground 8m_Data (22 uses)
  • 3228575104.Friedrichstadtpalast cube seat p_Data (13 uses)
  • 3228575104.standing ashtray_Data (9 uses)
  • 3228575104.spotlight flag 24m_Data (7 uses)
  • 3228575104.spotlight ground 4m_Data (3 uses)
  • 3228575104.Friedrichstadtpalast bench 12m p_Data (1 use)
Cobblestone C 8x8
By Avatar Avanya
  • 1373338715.Cobblestone C 16x16_Data (26 uses)
  • 1373338715.Cobblestone C 4x8 long_Data (5 uses)
  • 1373338715.Cobblestone C 8x8 curve1_Data (2 uses)
  • 1373338715.Cobblestone C 8x8_Data (1 use)
street bollard
By Avatar Sparks
  • 914974576.street bollard_Data (33 uses)
Friedrichstadtpalast prop pack 2
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 3228573964.Friedrichstadtpalast flag 1_Data (4 uses)
  • 3228573964.Quatsch Comedy Club Ad_Data (4 uses)
  • 3228573964.Friedrichstadtpalast flag 2_Data (2 uses)
  • 3228573964.Claire Waldorff statue_Data (1 use)
  • 3228573964.Quatsch Comedy Club logo_Data (1 use)
  • 3228573964.Gruenderdenkmal Friedrichstadtpl_Data (1 use)
  • 3228573964.Gruenderdenkmal Saeule_Data (1 use)
  • 3228573964.Markthalle Denkmal Friedrichpl_Data (1 use)
Crimson King
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar MrMaison
  • 2281793874.Crimson King_Data (14 uses)
6 planters with colourmap
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 2814367240.planter 4x4 grass 2_Data (11 uses)
Fountain Light Set
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1890038578.f-blue-light_Data (3 uses)
Road Decorations - Pack #01
By Avatar Clus Avatar clus
  • 2883736067.wooden Planter Box - v1 - #01_Data (3 uses)
busker/ street musician guitar player and singer
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 2915051232.busker male_Data (1 use)
  • 2915051232.busker female singer_Data (1 use)
  • 2915051232.busker guitar case_Data (1 use)
BSR trash bins pack
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 2208889175.BSR trash bin Haeufchenhelfer_Data (2 uses)
French Lamp Pack [Paris]
By Avatar Gèze
  • 1278181337.Paris Lamp Single_Data (1 use)
Telescope and 3 Tourist Cim Props
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 3201521582.Tourist prop selfie_Data (1 use)
Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin + light effect
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 3228431236.Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin_Data (1 use)
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