DIY Greek Collection - Houses (detailed)

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By Sully, on 29 Oct 2022, last updated 16 Apr 2024

Image illustrating build

Ready-to-go houses as MoveIt exports using the DIY Greek Collection assets I created and extra props/decals used to detail.

Link to download all assets and props used in the builds. Please make sure you sub to all these to ensure the build loads correctly.

Link to the DIY Greek Collection, please read descriptions on each workshop to understand how to use and how I created these builds. Most notably the DIY Greek Network Pack which is the main tool in the collection.

The D.I.Y Greek Collection is a series of assets, which when combined together are extremely powerful and can allow you to create hundreds if not thousands of custom and unique greek houses, buildings, structures, arches, walls and walkways. Using networks you can connect rows of houses and streets together, even an entire town connected seamlessly.

Assets created for Dirty H for his Europe in Detail Series' Santorini inspired, Greek town - check out his YouTube Playlist to watch his incredible work!

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Extra-Small (0.024889 km²)
Gentle (11.875008 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image430
Prop image2,125
Tree image0
Segment image396
Required DLC
Required Mods
Base Game and DLC
  • Asphalt_old (18 uses)
  • table-set (13 uses)
  • Rooftop access 02 (10 uses)
  • Rooftop access 01 (9 uses)
  • Park Tableset 02 (9 uses)
Required Workshop Assets
Doors and Windows Buildings Pack
By Avatar DirtyH Avatar Sully
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Shutter Prop_Data (467 uses)
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Window 1 Small_Data (118 uses)
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Window 2 Small_Data (115 uses)
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Door 2_Data (41 uses)
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Door 3_Data (41 uses)
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Window 4 Large_Data (40 uses)
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Window 3 Large_Data (40 uses)
  • 2881402362.DIY Greek Door 1_Data (35 uses)
DIY Greek Network Pack
By Avatar DirtyH Avatar Sully
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 4m Wall_Data (172 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 8m Surface Network_Data (57 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 4m House Arch_Data (45 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 4m House_Data (44 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 8m Wall_Data (32 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 8m House_Data (24 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 8m House Arch_Data (16 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 4m House Arch Wide_Data (5 uses)
  • 2881397778.DIY Greek 8m House Arch Wide_Data (1 use)
wooden fence 2
By Avatar notDONEyet
  • 2746627665.wooden fence 2_Data (250 uses)
Green Ivy
By Avatar Ronyx69
  • 1201698172.R69 Ivy Green 2_Data (88 uses)
  • 1201698172.R69 Ivy Green 3_Data (64 uses)
  • 1201698172.R69 Ivy Green 1_Data (48 uses)
  • 1201698172.R69 Ivy Green 4_Data (24 uses)
DDR decor-fence No.1-2
By Avatar MeisterMonis
  • 2679267136.DDR decor-fence-1x No.1_Data (212 uses)
Damaged Walls Decal Pack
By Avatar DirtyH Avatar Sully
  • 2881403738.Damaged Wall Decal 3_Data (61 uses)
  • 2881403738.Damaged Wall Decal 4_Data (29 uses)
  • 2881403738.Damaged Wall Decal 2_Data (28 uses)
  • 2881403738.Damaged Wall Decal 5_Data (26 uses)
  • 2881403738.Damaged Wall Decal 6_Data (18 uses)
  • 2881403738.Damaged Wall Decal 1_Data (10 uses)
Greek Tiles Decal Pack
By Avatar DirtyH Avatar Sully
  • 2881401309.Greek Tile Decal 6_Data (36 uses)
  • 2881401309.Greek Tile Decal 5_Data (32 uses)
  • 2881401309.Greek Tile Decal 7_Data (16 uses)
  • 2881401309.Greek Tile Decal 3_Data (13 uses)
  • 2881401309.Greek Tile Decal 1_Data (13 uses)
  • 2881401309.Greek Tile Decal 2_Data (7 uses)
Plant boxes with buxus
By Avatar Gruny
  • 1575645429.Plant Box - 1 buxus_Data (75 uses)
  • 1575645429.Plant Box - 2 buxus_Data (27 uses)
Greek Pot 9
By Avatar notDONEyet
  • 2801149646.Greek Pot 9_Data (77 uses)
Greek Garbage Bin
By Avatar notDONEyet
  • 2579109384.Greek Garbage Bin_Data (32 uses)
  • 2579109384.Greek Recycle Bin_Data (32 uses)
Planters prop pack
By Avatar Armesto
  • 1292244368.planter_marble_rectangle_Data (52 uses)
Garden Prop Pack 02
By Avatar Beardmonkey
  • 1538883260.Deck Chair 01 BM_Data (20 uses)
  • 1538883260.Grill 01 BM_Data (12 uses)
  • 1538883260.Patio Swing 01 BM_Data (8 uses)
  • 1538883260.Table and Chairs 01 BM_Data (7 uses)
Satellite Dish Pack
By Avatar Beardmonkey
  • 1274372719.Satellite Dish 05_Data (45 uses)
Wall Mount Mailboxes
By Avatar notDONEyet
  • 2608003886.Mailbox 3_Data (19 uses)
  • 2608003886.Mailbox 2_Data (15 uses)
  • 2608003886.Mailbox 4_Data (6 uses)
Lounge Furniture Pack
By Avatar Polygon
  • 739596970.Joak's Wicker Chair (for one)_Data (18 uses)
  • 739596970.Joak's Wicker Chair (for three)_Data (9 uses)
  • 739596970.Joak's Table_Data (9 uses)
DIY Greek Prop Pack
By Avatar DirtyH Avatar Sully
  • 2881399009.DIY Greek Prop 4m Stairs_Data (24 uses)
  • 2881399009.DIY Greek Prop 8m Base_Data (5 uses)
  • 2881399009.DIY Greek Prop 8m Stairs_Data (4 uses)
Cabana Furniture
By Avatar KingLeno
  • 1195360073.cb-chair_Data (14 uses)
  • 1195360073.cb-table_Data (7 uses)
  • 1195360073.cb-sofa_Data (7 uses)
Stripes Awnings [Columbia]
By Avatar Gèze
  • 1910198014.Awning 3 Stripes [Columbia]_Data (28 uses)
Clothes Line
By Avatar creepyeyes
  • 880976898.Clothes Line_Data (14 uses)
Old Wooden Bench 1 [Versailles]
By Avatar Gèze
  • 1523135160.Old Wooden Bench 1 [Versailles]_Data (12 uses)
Sun Shade Sail Pack
By Avatar nico_oas
  • 1097214345.Sun Shade Sail 02_Data (8 uses)
  • 1097214345.Sun Shade Sail 03_Data (3 uses)
Wooden Pergola(2 styles)
By Avatar notDONEyet
  • 1399143123.Wooden Pergola 2_Data (5 uses)
  • 1399143123.Wooden Pergola 1_Data (5 uses)
Solar water heater pack
By Avatar notDONEyet
  • 2525007834.Solar water heater 2_Data (6 uses)
  • 2525007834.Solar water heater_Data (3 uses)
Restaurant/Café Umbrella Pack
By Avatar Pewex
  • 1754693811.Stella Artois Umbrella 2_Data (3 uses)
  • 1754693811.Yellow Umbrella_Data (3 uses)
  • 1754693811.Green Umbrella_Data (1 use)
UK Housing Props: Rotary Washing Line
By Avatar Macwelshman
  • 539312490.UK Rotary Washing Line_Data (5 uses)
Deck Chair(2 types)
By Avatar notDONEyet
  • 1421360533.ksaplostra 2_Data (2 uses)
  • 1421360533.ksaplostra_Data (2 uses)
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