Asymetrical cable stayed bridge

Asymetrical cable stayed bridge MT BP.xml

By Teddy Radko, on 16 Aug 2021, last updated 20 Jul 2023

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This is my first cable stayed bridge I will upload to allbuilds, but probably not the last. As far as my bridges goes, this one is kinda straight forward. The MASS TRANSIT DLC is required for the monorail tracks (as per usual) and the BRIDGES AND PIERS CCP is required for the pillar bases. If you don't have the CCP you can still place the bridge. The pillar bases won't import but these are relatively easy replace with other pillars or objects. The ones from the CCP just look more neat in my opinion.

You will also need the NODE CONTROLLER MOD for the pillars and cables to look right. It would probably work decently without the mod but I do recommend it. When you place this (and other custom bridges) you may get alot of pillars to spawning at the many different nodes of this bridge. Use MOVEIT MOD to remove these (they are categorized as buildings). Take care not to remove the intentional pillars that are supposed to be part of the bridge tho. See the picture for reference. If the pillars re-appear on the next load, use MOVEIT MOD to move them away and hide them somewhere instead of deleting them.

That's all for now, have fun!

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Extra-Small (0.108064 km²)
Steep (140.58374 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image14
Prop image0
Tree image0
Segment image36
Required DLC
Bridges and Piers CCP, Mass Transit
Required Mods
Node Controller original (Kian Zarrin)
Base Game and DLC
  • Monorail Oneway Track (21 uses)
  • Highway Elevated (10 uses)
  • ccp8-highway_pillar (8 uses)
  • Metro Track Elevated 01 (5 uses)
  • HighwayBridgePillar (4 uses)
  • Overground Metro Elevated Pillar 01 (2 uses)
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