Alexanderplatz core buildings


By AmiPolizeiFunk, on 04 Mar 2021, last updated 16 Apr 2024

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The key buildings around Alexanderplatz including the TV Tower (and all of its base components like the Water Cascade fountain), the Park Inn, the Galeria, Berolinahaus, House of the Teacher, Saturn, Cubix theater, Motel One, the TJ Maxx building, the Rathaus Passage, the Rotes Rathaus (with Berlin flag prop), the Altes Stadthaus, the "Windmuehle" special Plattenbau panel building, and the World Time Clock prop. For the animated fountain lights and the mega spotlights around the TV Tower to work correctly, you need the Custom Effects Loader mod. Note that the TV tower needs road connections in the front (by the fountain) and in the back. Does NOT include Alexanderplatz train station.
Ami's Berlin Restore
AmiPolizeiFunk, Berlin
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Extra-Small (0.534243 km²)
Steep (78.625 m)
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Custom Effects Loader
Required Workshop Assets
Fountain Light Set
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1890038578.f-white-light-fast_Data (227 uses)
  • 1890038578.f-red-light-fast_Data (16 uses)
  • 1890038578.f-blue-light-fast_Data (16 uses)
Mega Searchlight
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1889349343.Mega Searchlight_Data (16 uses)
Rathauspassage - Alexanderplatz | Berlin, Germany
By Avatar Toyota Hilux
  • 1700267395.Z Rathauspassage Berlin_Data (4 uses)
  • 1700267395.S Rathauspassage Berlin_Data (3 uses)
  • 1700267395.P Rathauspassage Berlin_Data (3 uses)
  • 1700267395.H Rathauspassage Berlin_Data (2 uses)
  • 1700267395.T Rathauspassage Berlin_Data (2 uses)
World Time Clock rotating
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 900449016.World Time Clock rotating_Data (2 uses)
Hexagonal Bases
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1891382970.fern-base-west_Data (1 use)
  • 1891382970.fern-base-east_Data (1 use)
Plattenbau Special WHH-GT25
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1441258982.Plattenbau Special WHH-GT25_Data (1 use)
Berolinahaus Alexanderplatz (ploppable RICO)
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 1426004964.Berolinahaus Alexanderplatz_Data (1 use)
Saturn Alexanderplatz no props on ground
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 1410552053.Saturn Alexanderplatz no props_Data (1 use)
house of the teacher Berlin, Haus des Lehrers (ploppable RICO office)
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • of teacher Berlin_Data (1 use)
Galeria Kaufhof department store ( ploppable RICO ready)
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 1268761119.Galeria Kaufhof department store_Data (1 use)
Park Inn Modular Hotel
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 927394296.Park Inn Modular Hotel_Data (1 use)
Berliner Fernsehturm
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1891451222.Berliner Fernsehturm_Data (1 use)
Cinema Cubix Berlin (Ploppable RICO ready)
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 584064926.Cinema Cubix Berlin_Data (1 use)
Motel One Alexanderplatz | Berlin, Germany
By Avatar Toyota Hilux
  • 1719860333.Motel One Berlin Alexanderplatz_Data (1 use)
TKmaxx Alexanderplatz ( ploppable RICO ready )
By Avatar SvenBerlin
  • 769810602.TKmaxx Alexanderplatz_Data (1 use)
Berlin Bear Flag
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1752516493.Berlin Bear Flag_Data (1 use)
HVAC System for Motel One
By Avatar Toyota Hilux
  • 1723440327.HVAC System for Motel One _Data (1 use)
Altes Stadthaus
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 2272741427.altes-stadthaus_Data (1 use)
Tobse's Rotes Rathaus 1:1
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk
  • 1416135385.Rotes Rathaus_Data (1 use)
By Avatar AmiPolizeiFunk Avatar 네인 | neinnew
  • 1890754100.Wasserkaskaden_Data (1 use)
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