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By Teddy Radko, on 18 Apr 2021, last updated 16 Apr 2024

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This is a vanilla asset aircraft carrier I made for my Karlskrona build. If you want to be a navy nerd about it's probably more specifically a STOL/VTOL carrier or an amphibious assault ship as it has a well deck for landing craft.

This kind of vanilla asset ship is heavily dependent on the NODE CONTROLLER MOD which is a REQUIRED MOD. Other than that mod you will need PROP SNAPPING MOD and PROP PAINTER MOD to get everything looking the right way.

There are unfortunately quite a few DLCs required for this export. You will need PARKLIFE DLC for its networks so this DLC is NOT OPTIONAL. If you try to import without this DLC it might cause problems so please don't try this. Furthermore you will need NATURAL DISASTERS DLC and MASS TRANSIT DLC for some buildings and pillars. For all props and decals you will need INDUSTRIES DLC, CONCERTS DLC, AFTER DARK DLC, SNOWFALL DLC, and EUROPEAN SUBURBIA CONTENT CREATOR PACK.

Now that we are ready to import the ship I'm going to try and explain how to paint it as MoveIt exports currently aren't compatible with prop color customization. I have used 3 different decal assets (From AFTER DARK DLC and SNOWFALL DLC) to paint the hull and superstructure. They should be colored differently with the PROP PAINTER MOD to get the best looking ship. The idea is that you need to select each type of decal individually using the MoveIt marque select tool with the picker functionality (pipette tool in the filters list). The "Volleyball Court Decal" is used for the waterline paint while the "Snow Decal" is used for the rest of the hull and the superstructure. The "Ice Decal" is used for the deck of the ship. It can be quite finicky to select the right decal with the pipette tool but once you get it selected, just drag select the whole thing and recolor all decals of that type together to a color you like. Heck, if you're lazy (like me most of the time) you could always just select all decals and color them the same and it will probably still look alright.

After painting the decals you can use the pipette tool again to recolor the different props that are used so that they look decent. This is VERY TEDIOUS, not gonna lie, but it's the best we have so far. As a final note on painting, you may also want to use the SURFACE PAINTER MOD, or assets that force pavement ground texture, to color some of the edges that decals aren't touching.

You should also know that I've used several propless parklife path networks as terraforming networks to sink the terrain underneath the ship and you may have to adjust these networks after placement of the ship, especially if you place it alongside a quay or dock.

If you're having problems with this or my other exports please contact me over at reddit, twitter, or instagram (search: Teddy Radko) and I'll do my best to help.

Have fun!

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Extra-Small (0.008801 km²)
Steep (90.859375 m)
Total objects
Unique Workshop Assets
Building image6
Prop image577
Tree image0
Segment image27
Required DLC
Required Mods
Base Game and DLC
  • Snow Decal (264 uses)
  • Festival Billboard Medium 01 (110 uses)
  • Ice Decal (41 uses)
  • Beachvolley Court Decal (35 uses)
  • Carport 1 (33 uses)
  • Roof Walkway 02 (15 uses)
  • Toll Booth Large Mirrored (11 uses)
  • Modern Fence 02 (11 uses)
  • Cargo container (10 uses)
  • Shed 1 (10 uses)
  • Gravel Road (9 uses)
  • Billboard_small_nightwatch_01 (8 uses)
  • Nature Reserve Path 01 Propless (8 uses)
  • Park Path 01 Propless (7 uses)
  • Barrel Pallet 02 (5 uses)
  • Air Source Heat Pump 01 (4 uses)
  • Rooftop access 01 (4 uses)
  • Quay (3 uses)
  • Overground Metro Elevated Pillar 01 (2 uses)
  • Tank 02 (2 uses)
  • Ac box 03 (2 uses)
  • Concrete block 01 (2 uses)
  • Windsock (2 uses)
  • Radio mast (2 uses)
  • Pallet 04 (2 uses)
  • Barrel Pallet 01 (2 uses)
  • Overground Metro Bridge Pillar 01 (1 use)
  • Wooden Footbridge Pillar 12 (1 use)
  • Cable Car Pylon 24 (1 use)
  • Luggage Car (1 use)
  • Tank 03 (1 use)
  • Radio Mast Short (1 use)
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